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Mr. Austin Rabon


I'm Mr. Rabon, and I am the Choir Director at Pearland Junior High West. Previously I was the Head Choir Director at Wells Middle School, in Spring ISD. I come from a family of educators and choir directors, my father was a high school choir director for 29 years, and I decided to join the trade as well! My brother is the new Choir Director at Pearland Junior High East, so we are very excited to be working together in the same district. This is my 4th year as a Junior High choir director, and plan to be doing this for a very long time! I graduated from Baylor University in 2019 with a degree in Choral Music Education, and have collaborated with many fabulous musicians and music educators throughout my education. I am thrilled to work with all of the wonderful administrators, faculty, and students at PJHW!

Things I Like:

  • Books: History, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi mostly
  • Hiking: My best friend and I have now visited 6 National parks together with several more to go!
  • Music: Obviously:)
  • Dogs: Ask me about Charlie!

Things I DON'T Like:

  • Wet socks: gross
  • Not having anything to do: I get bored easily
  • Slow internet: horrible, this is
  • Bugs: also grossĀ