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FAQs and Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


How do tutorials work?

Tuturials are offered to students in the morning from 8:00 to 8:30 or afternoon until 4:30. You must have a dated and signed pass from your teacher or parent for the day you plan to attend; an email from the teacher also works. Click on this link to view your teachers' availability.


What is Credit by Exam (CBE) and how do we take advantage?

CBE offers students the opportunity to gain credit for a course(s) by achieving an 80 or higher on a summative course examination. CBE's are offered at a specific time of the year and require a nominal deposit per exam.  Students interested should consult with the current teacher of the subject area in which they are pursuing credit.  Upon recommendation of the teacher, students should visit the counseling center for a CBE application.


Can we get a letter of recommendation?

We are happy to write letters of recommendation for our students.  However we require a minimum 2 weeks notice before the letter must be completed so that we can do our best. Students should provide a pre-addressed, stamped envelope along with any other criteria needed for the recommendation.


What exactly does open enrollment mean?

Open enrollment allows for any student who wishes to take on the challenge of an Advanced, PreAP, or AP course to do so. There is no limit to the number of advanced courses a student can take in a semester/year, however it is important to make note of the differences in curricula requirements and expectations in order to be successful:

  • Adv/PreAP/AP curricula are above grade level.
  • Students should be independent learners as instruction is fast paced, in-depth, complex, and abstract.
  • Students should understand that much of the work is done outside of class.
  • An A or B in the subject area indicates that the student has the academic ability and the task commitment to succeed.
  • Once enrolled, students must remain in the course for six weeks before a schedule change is considered.
  • If a schedule change takes place, grades/averages from the PreAP/AP course move with students to the new class.


How do we enroll in off-campus PE?

Students must submit an application to the athletic department. Depending on the category of activity, students applying for off-campus PE must be involved in a program that requires a minimum of 5 to 15 hours participation a week to qualify for credit. Once approval is granted, counselors will complete the enrollment process. The application and lesson plan forms can be found and printed below.

Off Campus PE Application


Is there an 8th grade graduation?

We do not hold a graduation for 8th grade, but we do have an awards ceremony where students are recognized for certain achievements that usually include but are not limited to:

All A's

All A's 7th & 8th

Academic Achievement in a particular subject

Wildcatter Elite and Wildcatter of the Year: students selected by the faculty and staff are recognized for best exemplifying what it means to be a Wildcatter