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Worth the Read

Click on the articles or attachments below for helpful and interesting information regarding our teens and the world in which we live.


12 Things Parents of Middle Schoolers Need to Know About High School

Great information as you prepare your students for high school.  Take special note of #7-10.  Good stuff.


Study skills for middle school and beyond

Super tips on how to help your child succeed


Ten Reasons Middle Schoolers Don't Need Social Media

10 quick tips


Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids

Great facts on social media and the adolescent brain, including advice on how to monitor it


The Most Dangerous Apps of 2017

List and description of the apps most commonly used by teens and the dangers they pose


Safety Beyond Facebook: 12 Social Media Apps Every Parent Should Know About

Another list of popular apps amongst teens and their safety risks


Porn is Not the Worst Thing on Musical-ly

Very up close and personal article regarding the dangers of social media and its effect on the developing adolescent mind